• Jürgen Trittin Interviewed on Election Night

    Last week I put a tweet out looking to get invited to a Political Party’s Head Quarter to watch the election results come in and take photos for the Berlin Image. I was excited to be invited to the official Green Party event by a member and volunteer here in Berlin. I took tons of photos, but this is the exact “behind the scenes” photo I wanted when I sent the tweet out.

    Here Jürgen Trittin is being interview by a reporter Das Erste.

    I was told that he lives in my neighborhood and we frequent the same cafe.

    So, Jürgen if you read this blog post or if someone forwards it to you, let me buy you dinner in Prenzlauer Berg. I’d love to talk about the election and German Politics with you.

  • Syncing Facebook with Outlook

    I just used http://www.fbcal.com/ to connect my Facebook event to my Outlook. Super simple.  I also hooked my Facebook Events to my Google Calendar.

    With fbCal, you get two calendar subscriptions! That way it’ll be easy for you to remember your Facebook friends’ birthdays and all events that you’ve been invited to! These two calendars can be subscribed to (which will have them automatically update) or you may simply download a current copy. You can also have an RSS feeds of birthdays and events, as well! The process can be done in less than a minute, and it’s free! Create your own fbCal today!

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