• Chromeography exhibition

    I shot this (and many others) today at Classic Remise in Berlin. The renovated tram depot is a massive showcase for antique automobiles, complete with restoration parts dealers and specialist body shops.

    Maybe it’s the delirious result of looking at nothing but supermodel cars all day, but I see in this photo a man’s chest overlaid with the shape of a woman’s hips.

    Are you delirious about this stuff too? Be among friends! Join us at 2:00 pm this Saturday for glühwein and cookies. Fans of cars and/or letters will gather at Mota Italic in Prenzlauer Berg where the Chromeography exhibition is still on display. With prints from the show for sale and new typography books in the shop it’s the perfect time to get a gift for your car or font loving friend. Or just gift yourself! We won’t judge.

  • Jürgen Trittin Interviewed on Election Night

    Last week I put a tweet out looking to get invited to a Political Party’s Head Quarter to watch the election results come in and take photos for the Berlin Image. I was excited to be invited to the official Green Party event by a member and volunteer here in Berlin. I took tons of photos, but this is the exact “behind the scenes” photo I wanted when I sent the tweet out.

    Here Jürgen Trittin is being interview by a reporter Das Erste.

    I was told that he lives in my neighborhood and we frequent the same cafe.

    So, Jürgen if you read this blog post or if someone forwards it to you, let me buy you dinner in Prenzlauer Berg. I’d love to talk about the election and German Politics with you.

  • Crowded Church

    I’m amazed that my church in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin is standing room only every week.

  • Moving Van

    Back in Prenzlauer Berg after a marathon day of picking up our stuff from the container in Koln & moving into our new home. Just feels right.

  • We’re moving to Berlin

    I am excited to announce that I’ve accepted the COO position at www.iliketotallyloveit.com and Beatrix and I are moving to Berlin on January 1st.

    On May 24th Bea and I flew to Germany to get married and go on a much-needed honeymoon. You hear of little girls having dream weddings, well this was my dream wedding. As a kid, I wanted to get married in an old European church as my mother and father did. It was a beautiful wedding and I was blessed to be married to such a wonderful lady.

    After the wedding, Bea and I took a little day trip to France to have coffee, cake and reflect on the near future. We were sitting in a little café in Strasbourg and I said in passing, “wouldn’t it be great to live in Europe.” Bea agreed and added that we only have a limited opportunity to do so before we have kids in school.

    The following weekend we from Saint a Vault to Berlin Sunday Bea and I settled into a great apartment in an amazing part of Berlin called Prenzlauer Berg and I felt strangely at home immediately.

    I read that TechCrunch was having its first Meetup while I was in town and I wanted to see what the Tech Scene in Berlin was like, so I emailed Nicholas MacGowan von Holstein and luckily he responded by getting me on the list.

    I was shocked by how many people showed up and meet a lot of great people. I knew that night that Berlin was a possible city for me to live.

    I keep in touch with many of the people I meet but one German in particular Malte Gösche, iliketotallyloveit.com.

    When I got back to New York my Rezorter.com proposal was on the desk of SkiNet.com and I had free time so we worked out a short term contract and I began to put together a business plan with Malte.

    The business plan took longer than we expected, but every day I was more excited about the companies potential.

    This month I’ve been negotiated terms to come on board fulltime.

    This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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