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    My Temporary Office

    Amazing how much work I get done. Here my setup: iPhone, paper, pen, OneNote, Trello, Slack, Safari, VoiceDream, Instapaper, Grammarly, Coke Flavored Tic Tacs & Starbucks Coffee. Managing people in Brasil, Berlin &…

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    Magical Moments

    A magical moment. family comes home asking me to make that spaghetti I made months with the bacon and cheese and pepper. We cook together … I drank wine alone. Glad I bought…

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    Alone time

    I took full advantage of being alone while the family stayed in the Black Forrest. Using the regional train system I started exploring the region around Berlin. Who knew you could take a…

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    We are living in wondrous times

    I’m truly living in a future the 1986 Anthony would never have believed. Getting live Mets stats on a widget on a speeding train? Hold on, I’m going to marry a German!?