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    Reading my 2020 Notes

    Had a good day of settling into not working from home yesterday. The family swung by at 3 pm to have coffee and cake. I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughter.…

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    Forrest Bathing

    I feel great after spending time in nature. This needs to be on my automated habit reminder list just like meditation, exercise and vitamins. There is no reason to not spend at least…

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    My Temporary Office

    Amazing how much work I get done. Here my setup: iPhone, paper, pen, OneNote, Trello, Slack, Safari, VoiceDream, Instapaper, Grammarly, Coke Flavored Tic Tacs & Starbucks Coffee. Managing people in Brasil, Berlin &…

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    Magical Moments

    A magical moment. family comes home asking me to make that spaghetti I made months with the bacon and cheese and pepper. We cook together … I drank wine alone. Glad I bought…

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    Alone time

    I took full advantage of being alone while the family stayed in the Black Forrest. Using the regional train system I started exploring the region around Berlin. Who knew you could take a…

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    We are living in wondrous times

    I’m truly living in a future the 1986 Anthony would never have believed. Getting live Mets stats on a widget on a speeding train? Hold on, I’m going to marry a German!?