• BOS COFFEE: Weekly OKRs – July 16th

    OUR MISSION: To fund the release of every rehabilitated orangutan back into the rainforest – one supporter, and one cup at a time.

    Q3 OBJECTIVE: Establish BOS Coffee as a suitable replacement for supporters’ (AKA customers) existing home coffee.

    • KR: 50 new supporters a month  
    • KR: 30% monthly returning supporters
    • KR: $2,000 a month in sales


    • Secure first retail NOT DONE: Got a request from a store. We are talking. I need to work out pricing structure with roaster & BOS.
    • Re-engaging existing customers strategy: NOT DONE: Watching tons of YouTube videos to create a retention strategy plan to execute on.
    • Improve Product Packaging NOT DONESubmitted designs for BOS approve. This will be a process. Baby Steps to awesome packaging.
    • Set-up Facebook Shop & Pixel DONE: Shop is live. Tracking everything with a FB Pixel via server side API
    • Set up package tracking with DHL –DONE: Orders now are being charged for DHL with tracking.
    • Finalize Anthony & BOS relationship DONEWe had productive meeting. I’m thrilled. All my attention on hitting these OKRs.
    • User Experience: DONE: Increase page speed by tweaking and removing imagines & plugins

    NOTES: We can do a much better job on user experience and retention. I am focusing on this in July. What is the point of getting new supporters if we can’t wow and keep existing? Taking the baby step approach. One tweak at a time. And we finally got a thermal printer.

  • Playing with Amazon Sales Center

    A few weeks ago I started playing with selling on Amazon for a Brand I’m building. There is a lot to learn before you can sell as a Brand on Amazon. Yesterday I made my first sale yester while I was on a boat with the family. It was for a vacuum cleaner adaptor. Today I’m sitting at a café fulfilling the order. Its all coming together.

  • Why is being alone scarier than failing?

    I set a goal to launch five ideas in 2021. This would atone me for failing to launch past projects and help me get over my fear of launching in public. But somehow this morphed into “launching five of my ideas with other people.”

    Before the New Year, I approach someone I worked with on Gvbck to join me on my Sharescrption idea. But after two weeks, it was clear that the partnership was not working. I’ve been here before. Sadly plenty of times. I know what someone who is not committed feels like. There is a simple test…. stop calling.

    And that is what I did three weeks ago. I stopped calling. If he calls me we have a different problem. But if he does not call me I’m right. Not committed.

    He has not called me in three weeks. In that time I built and launched Sharescrption from scratch. And it’s making sales.

    The most important question here is not why didn’t the partnership work. It’s how did “launch five ideas” morph into “launch five ideas with other people.” I’ll need to do a little soul searching to answer that one. This is a generational problem. Like my father before me, Barba’s have more success when they go alone. Yet, they do everything they can to not be alone. Why is being alone scarier than failing for us Barba’s?

    Another thing COVID has forced me to accept is that I can do a lot more alone than I thought I could and it’s way faster. Going forward I’m going alone.

    Keeping the thumb in the photo #Wabi-sabi.
  • Learning to take time off

    I worked none stop while my family was away, yet I felt guilty for taking an afternoon off to go sledding with my daughter. I’m sure glad I did. It was one of the best days we had together in a long time. Hell, it was one of the best days I’ve period in a long time. COVID-19 continues to realign my priorities.

    The snow was gone 12 hours after this photo was taken.

  • 150 hours later…we make our first sale.

    My 2021 resolution was to only test ideas that people could pay us with a credit card. No complex business models. Test ideas at light speed. Test if people will hand over their credit card for a simple product or service. 

  • 140 hours later

    My family left me alone 11 days ago when they went to Grandma’s house. I have spent every waking moment since building two marketplaces. For the first 5 days, I built the foundation for Giveback Coffee from scratch. Then on day 6 I switched gears and cloned the shop code to build Ver. 0.3 of Sharescription. Moments ago I switched off PayPal Sandbox and its live. Let’s see where this little Sharescription experiment takes us.

  • Facebook could be my one-stop launch shop

    I spent a few hours last Friday updating old Facebook pages. Facebook allowed me to change the name on two. So I converted one page of a product I launched years ago into a page for this blog. I changed the name of another with the hopes to merge it with that Blog Facebook page. I’ll know by the end of the week if I was approved.

    I then connected the blog page to personal Instagram so I can get more insights into my Instagram posts. I love the way brands are selling on Instagram. Having a professional Instagram page will allow me to open a store. I need to learn how to sell products for another project. I also connected that page to WhatsApp. I know nothing about what you can do with WhatsApp so I thought I would learn.

    There is a lot to learn on the Facebook business portal too. I added a Facebook pixel to this blog to learn how their analytics works. I think you can use this to advertise to people like those who visit your site. Insights should give me an understanding of what our audience looks like.

    In the spirit of restrictions and not using new software, I will also use Pages to get user feedback.

    I am excited to finally take advantage of Facebook’s power. It’s possible that Facebook could be the one-stop-shop for launching, validating, and scaling an idea.

    UPDATE: If I’m learning to make a Facebook Hub, why not add messenger chat to this blog, right?

    UPDATE II: Merge was approved!