• Chromeography exhibition

    I shot this (and many others) today at Classic Remise in Berlin. The renovated tram depot is a massive showcase for antique automobiles, complete with restoration parts dealers and specialist body shops.

    Maybe it’s the delirious result of looking at nothing but supermodel cars all day, but I see in this photo a man’s chest overlaid with the shape of a woman’s hips.

    Are you delirious about this stuff too? Be among friends! Join us at 2:00 pm this Saturday for glühwein and cookies. Fans of cars and/or letters will gather at Mota Italic in Prenzlauer Berg where the Chromeography exhibition is still on display. With prints from the show for sale and new typography books in the shop it’s the perfect time to get a gift for your car or font loving friend. Or just gift yourself! We won’t judge.

  • LIRR Monitoring Program

    Recent Entries to the Montauk LIRR Activity Log Posts:

    2004-07-09 @ 10:15pm — Red “BUDWEISER” bar carts outside LIRR office trailer, looks like they just got done w/ a party there. Hope the LIRR crew is not drinking Budweiser before “driving” trains back West!

    2004-06-14 @ 4:03am — Super loud HORN BLASTING @ 4am CONTINUES! This seems like some kind personal vendetta and is w/o question an abuse of power, resulting from total lack of supervision.

    2004-06-27 @ 5:53am — 502 still HIGH – IDLING, Fuel Guage reads 1770 Gallons. That means the LIRR crew burned 50 GALLONS of deisel in about 1-1/2 hours… just to run the A/C. THAT IS A HUGE WASTE!!!

    2004-06-08 @ 4:44am — Train woke me up, left running unattended at EXTREMELY LOUD high-idle. End car of train “blacked-out”, LIRR crew probably sleeping. Hundreds of people are being disturbed by a 3000HP deisel locomotive so LIRR crew can CATCH A SNOOZE instead of doing their job (while on duty & getting paid no less)!

    Read More: [Montauk LIRR Activity Log]

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