• How to set up HubSpot Sales on Outlook in the Browser.

    This post I’m sending to my sales team. It’s a step-by-step how-to guide on setting up the HubSpot sales app on Outlook.com in the browser.

    The HubSpot App allows us to:

    1. Add New Contact from Email Address
    2. Insert Emails sent and received to that contact in HubSpot
    3. Track email opens and clicks.

    NOTE: If you’re not on my team, make sure your Microsoft admin has integrated HubSpot into your Microsoft 365 account.

    Step 1:

    After you create a new message click on the three vertical dots on the bottom.

    Step 2

    Click on the HubSpot Sales – Sales Tools

    Step 3

    Log in to your HubSpot account and pin the HubSpot app to your sidebar. Every time you create a new email you will see the app. 

  • We now have 3 pilot partners, but not so fast

    We now have 3 pilot partners, but not so fast

    Focusing all my attention on sales is paying off. We are starting to see a true “product-market fit”. We now have three worthy pilot partners wanting to work with us. These new partners are charities, not businesses. The problems that charities want solved are different than those of businesses. The app we built during the pandemic lock-down solved the business problems of our first pilot partner. This means we need to invest more time and money into building something new.

    We now have 3 pilot partners, but not so fast
    We need to find more partners to reduce the risk of building the wrong product.

    Believe me, I’m itching to get started working on wireframes. Building stuff is what I love to do most of all. It is very tempting to say, “One partner proves there are hundreds more. Let’s build it fast before someone else does!” But I will never make the same mistake I made with our last partner.

    We need to find more partners like the ones who said yes to reduce the risk of building the wrong product. Or, worse yet, something no one wants. We need to justify the investments we will need to make to update our current app. We also need to confirm that this can one day become a sustainable business.

    I will continue to focus on speaking with charity partners. Learn more about who they are and what they want. We need to be more certain it’s worth investing more time and money in launching a pilot.