• We’re moving to Berlin

    I am excited to announce that I’ve accepted the COO position at and Beatrix and I are moving to Berlin on January 1st.

    On May 24th Bea and I flew to Germany to get married and go on a much-needed honeymoon. You hear of little girls having dream weddings, well this was my dream wedding. As a kid, I wanted to get married in an old European church as my mother and father did. It was a beautiful wedding and I was blessed to be married to such a wonderful lady.

    After the wedding, Bea and I took a little day trip to France to have coffee, cake and reflect on the near future. We were sitting in a little café in Strasbourg and I said in passing, “wouldn’t it be great to live in Europe.” Bea agreed and added that we only have a limited opportunity to do so before we have kids in school.

    The following weekend we from Saint a Vault to Berlin Sunday Bea and I settled into a great apartment in an amazing part of Berlin called Prenzlauer Berg and I felt strangely at home immediately.

    I read that TechCrunch was having its first Meetup while I was in town and I wanted to see what the Tech Scene in Berlin was like, so I emailed Nicholas MacGowan von Holstein and luckily he responded by getting me on the list.

    I was shocked by how many people showed up and meet a lot of great people. I knew that night that Berlin was a possible city for me to live.

    I keep in touch with many of the people I meet but one German in particular Malte Gösche,

    When I got back to New York my proposal was on the desk of and I had free time so we worked out a short term contract and I began to put together a business plan with Malte.

    The business plan took longer than we expected, but every day I was more excited about the companies potential.

    This month I’ve been negotiated terms to come on board fulltime.

    This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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