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A Cell Phone Is Not A Loudspeaker

In Germany, they call cell phones “Handys” or “Mobiles”. I had a funny conversation with a German friend who was trying to speak English and he asked me for my “self phone” number. Most of today’s phones also double as mp3 players and since many phones have a built-in mini speaker it’s possible to play music out loud. Well, this became a popular thing to do for teenagers in Berlin. I heard several hilarious clashes between old ladies and the Berlin youth. Recently these stickers have shown up on the tram I take.

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  • Strangetastes

    I could read most of the sign but now I know the term for cellular phone in German. It’s not just the phones that are an annoyance, but the people talking into them, too. Cell phones users are often completely unaware of the volume of their own voices, creating a booming distraction in restaurants, airplane terminals, etc. I’m sure you have the same problem in Europe as we do in the US.

  • Mark

    This is not about peoples voices, retard. It’s about stupid kids playing music on their phones’ shitty speakers.

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