BOS COFFEE: Weekly OKRs – July 16th

OUR MISSION: To fund the release of every rehabilitated orangutan back into the rainforest – one supporter, and one cup at a time.

Q3 OBJECTIVE: Establish BOS Coffee as a suitable replacement for supporters’ (AKA customers) existing home coffee.

  • KR: 50 new supporters a month  
  • KR: 30% monthly returning supporters
  • KR: $2,000 a month in sales


  • Secure first retail NOT DONE: Got a request from a store. We are talking. I need to work out pricing structure with roaster & BOS.
  • Re-engaging existing customers strategy: NOT DONE: Watching tons of YouTube videos to create a retention strategy plan to execute on.
  • Improve Product Packaging NOT DONESubmitted designs for BOS approve. This will be a process. Baby Steps to awesome packaging.
  • Set-up Facebook Shop & Pixel DONE: Shop is live. Tracking everything with a FB Pixel via server side API
  • Set up package tracking with DHL –DONE: Orders now are being charged for DHL with tracking.
  • Finalize Anthony & BOS relationship DONEWe had productive meeting. I’m thrilled. All my attention on hitting these OKRs.
  • User Experience: DONE: Increase page speed by tweaking and removing imagines & plugins

NOTES: We can do a much better job on user experience and retention. I am focusing on this in July. What is the point of getting new supporters if we can’t wow and keep existing? Taking the baby step approach. One tweak at a time. And we finally got a thermal printer.

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