BOS COFFEE: Weekly OKRs – July 23rd

OUR MISSION: To fund the release of every rehabilitated orangutan back into the rainforest – one supporter, and one cup at a time.

Q3 OBJECTIVE: Establish BOS Coffee as a suitable replacement for supporters’ (AKA customers) existing home coffee.

  • KR: 50 new supporters a month-  50% chance of success
  • KR: 30% monthly returning supporters –  20%
  • KR: $2,000 a month in sales  –  80%


  • Newsletter sold 1,100 EURO worth of coffee. DONE. Thursday & Friday busy fulfilling orders
  • Redesigned all transactional emails. DONE. Better communication and flow to track orders from payment to delivery.
  • Add package tracking. DONE. Every customer can now track their package via DHL.
  • Create FAQ: DONE. This will evolve into something very useful.
  • Customer experience tweaks to the Website. DONE. Bunch of small changes that add up. You can see changelog here: Changelog – BOS Coffee (
  • Re-engaging existing customers strategy. IN-PROGRESS. Heavy research into automating post-purchase retention email with MailChimp.
  • Post-purchase customer survey – IN-PROGRESS. We need to know what motivated people to buy our coffee. Researching JTBD Method:


  • Set-up JTBD Survey
  • Test Influencers Marketing
  • Set-up Instagram Shop
  • Test giveaways & Contests on Facebook & Instagram
  • Reach out to Gorillas or Flink
  • Green Banking Rewards program.
  • Setup Amazon Store
  • Press release
  • Set-up shipping to EU
  • Secure first retail
  • Improve Product Packaging

NOTES: I’m radically focused on user experience and retention. There’s no reason we can’t deliver a great experience. Next, we need to find out what motivates people to buy our coffee. Demographics are not enough. The amount of orders we got in is showing me where our fulfillment needs work.

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