BOS COFFEE: Weekly OKRs – July 30th

OUR MISSION: To fund the release of every rehabilitated orangutan back into the rainforest – one supporter, and one cup at a time.

Q3 OBJECTIVE: Establish BOS Coffee as a suitable replacement for supporters’ (AKA customers) existing home coffee.

  • KR: 50 new supporters a month – 60%
  • KR: 30% monthly returning supporters – 60%
  • KR: $2,000 a month in sales 100% <- this is my feeling we will hit this goal


  • Getting shipment out. DONE. Happy to say that we got all newsletter shipments out on-time. 
  • Why do people buy our coffee?- IN-PROGRESS. Learning the process. Set up interviews with friends. The #JTBD Method:
  • Improve transactional emails. IN PROGRESS. I’m keeping a close eye on this to better all transaction emails.
  • Subscription errors. IN PROGRESS There is a bit of complexity with PayPal and our software. Causing me a lot more work. Exploring a fix to streamline.


  • RETENTION: Implement a wide range of automated engaging customers emails (Welcome, Abandon cart, Birthday, etc.)
  • CUSTOMER EXPERINCE: Improve Product Packaging with Logo Stamp & Box Insert
  • CUSTOMER EXPERINCE: Update website with copy and smoother flow
  • OPERATIONS: Set-up shipping to EU

NOTES:  As you can see, objective & key results are constant, but projects are changing to hit the objective. This week I focused on #jtbd interviews. Before talking with our customers, I want to experiment with the method on friends. My goal is to understand how the coffee in their kitchen ended up there. When I wasn’t preparing for interviews, I was fulfilling orders and tweaking our software to be more automated.

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