• How I plan to write 104 posts

    At the time of this post, I have 3,972 draft posts in WordPress. That is where I store ideas and posts that aren’t ready for the world.

    I turned a lot of old posts into drafts when I rebooted this blog. Bizzaro Tony will change that.

    It takes seven steps to create a draft on my iPhone; Open up the WordPress App, Select the Anthony Barba site from my 3 other sites, Tap on the create a new button, Tap on create a blog post, write a headline, and a few notes about what I want to talk about, Then the 3 dots, Then Save as Draft.
    This week I started saving post ideas in Apple notes. I liked it. Then I tried doing it with Siri. I love it. All I do is say, ‘Hey Siri, create a note’ and dictate the possible Title.

    On Tuesday, while walking to the subway station I saved an idea as a title. Then I started dictating the post that turned out to be good enough to post. I cut and paste the notes into WordPress on the subway ride home. Since I am writing as no one reads them I published it while walking to my apartment. The next morning I revisited the live post and made some edits.

    I set a goal to write 2 posts a week to gain more clarity, become a better communicator, and make better decisions. Dictating posts into Apple Notes at night and editing them in the morning will help me hit my goal.

  • Bizzaro Tony

    First, I once again reached out to people who built something like what we are planning to launch next month. This is the opposite of what I would do.

    This is the opposite of what I would do.

    Second, with my family away I have zero plans on celebrating New Year’s eve. Tonight is just another Thursday. This is the opposite of what I would do.

    Lastly, For the past week, I’ve been publishing posts, like this one, that I would normally write and keep private. This is the opposite of what I would do.

    Am I becoming Bizarro Tony?

  • Doubling down on join ’em

    Today I located an entrepreneur who just launched a product similar to what the developer I reached out to yesterday built 2 years ago. I believe in the space. So reached out to the entreprenuer with the same offer. I’m doubling down on working with people who are traveling in the direction I’m going.

    It feels very strange to put myself out there like this but it’s a muscle that I have to build.

    Be the person I wish contacted me.

  • Don’t pick up my calls.

    Today I reaching out to everyone I worked with on the failed launch of Gvbck to join me in launching All in the Family. I promised to launch in 2 weeks. I asked them to promise to never pick up a call from me if I don’t launch on time. How’s that for accountability?

  • Don’t beat ’em. Join ’em?

    A question I asked myself today was, why don’t I find people who are building great products and offer my services instead of looking for people to help build my products? This is the complete opposite of what I’ve been doing for the past 10 years. That’s didn’t work so good. If I want a different outcome I can’t continue doing what I’ve been doing.

    And that’s exactly what I did today. I contacted someone building a product almost identical to what I want to build. I asked if I can help him grow. Regardless if he calls back and I hope he does it was a good exercise putting myself out there.

  • Working on Product Hunt Post first.

    Instead of spending the day working on the website and app of the idea, I focused all of my attention on writing the product hunt post. Validating the idea is more important to me than getting the solution right. If the idea is a product people want I will have no problem building the solution.

  • Just launch it.

    I have an idea. I want to put it on Product Hunt to see if it has legs. Something is blocking me from doing it. Whatever that thing inside of me that stopping me has robbed me much happiness in my life.

    Fuck it. I’m going spend 3 days on this idea and launch it on Wednesday.

  • UPDATED: What do I do with This Week in Mobility?

    I spent the past four hours working on a post about going into the forest to think instead of the office to do busywork. The post turned out to be me asking myself a series of questions about how to profit from this new idea. That helped me answer the, what do I do with This Week in Mobility question.

    UPDATED: Now that I know what to do with TWiM, I’ve decided to continue what I started during the 科维德 pandemic. I will focus on helping charities raise money. I’ll revisit This Week in Mobility in 2021 once the NewCo. gains momentum.

  • UPDATED: All in the Family

    I’ve had an idea for a service/product in the back of my head for years. Over the weekend I spoke with an old friend of mine who needed such a service. Today I’m going to build a website and test the idea over the weekend.

    UPDATE: I do believe in my idea. After asking myself tons of questions I’ve felt this would gain more traction if focused in one vertical. There are better verticals than mobility for this, but that is where I have the biggest reach.

  • Reading my 2020 Notes

    Had a good day of settling into not working from home yesterday. The family swung by at 3 pm to have coffee and cake. I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughter.

    This might be the reason the first lockdown felt like a mid-life vacation. I worked very hard on myself and at creating the environment I found myself in when the world down in March. Today brought in my notebooks and journals to review my 2020 goals and objectives. Right off the bat, I can say that my most important goal of 2020 was accomplished. I’m going to see what goals I didn’t hit and ask myself why.

    From this, I will write my life plan for 2021.


    I’m putting everything into folders organized by categories of focus like health, family, and work.

    Going forward I will work on one folder at a time. 2021 is going to be all about less & focus.