• Just launch it.

    I have an idea. I want to put it on Product Hunt to see if it has legs. Something is blocking me from doing it. Whatever that thing inside of me that stopping me has robbed me much happiness in my life.

    Fuck it. I’m going spend 3 days on this idea and launch it on Wednesday.

  • UPDATED: What do I do with This Week in Mobility?

    I spent the past four hours working on a post about going into the forest to think instead of the office to do busywork. The post turned out to be me asking myself a series of questions about how to profit from this new idea. That helped me answer the, what do I do with This Week in Mobility question.

    UPDATED: Now that I know what to do with TWiM, I’ve decided to continue what I started during the 科维德 pandemic. I will focus on helping charities raise money. I’ll revisit This Week in Mobility in 2021 once the NewCo. gains momentum.

  • UPDATED: All in the Family

    I’ve had an idea for a service/product in the back of my head for years. Over the weekend I spoke with an old friend of mine who needed such a service. Today I’m going to build a website and test the idea over the weekend.

    UPDATE: I do believe in my idea. After asking myself tons of questions I’ve felt this would gain more traction if focused in one vertical. There are better verticals than mobility for this, but that is where I have the biggest reach.

  • Reading my 2020 Notes

    Had a good day of settling into not working from home yesterday. The family swung by at 3 pm to have coffee and cake. I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughter.

    This might be the reason the first lockdown felt like a mid-life vacation. I worked very hard on myself and at creating the environment I found myself in when the world down in March. Today brought in my notebooks and journals to review my 2020 goals and objectives. Right off the bat, I can say that my most important goal of 2020 was accomplished. I’m going to see what goals I didn’t hit and ask myself why.

    From this, I will write my life plan for 2021.


    I’m putting everything into folders organized by categories of focus like health, family, and work.

    Going forward I will work on one folder at a time. 2021 is going to be all about less & focus.

  • A cold and empty place to layout 2020 broken pieces

    I was reluctant to give up my office in September. The co-working space I was a member of was selling more desks. I was happy to see them make back some of the money they lost from 科维德 pandemic, but the crowds of new people were making it unsafe.

    At first, I was able to work from home, albeit it was for only 4 1/2 hours during weekdays. My day would be over when Ms. Barba would come home from school. It took some time to adjust, but I was starting to get used to it. Then Mrs. Barba’s office told her to work from home 3 days a week. Ouch. This was rough.

    I found myself working from 9:30 pm to 1:30 am. Most nights I was hungry and would eat cereal. I’d wake up exhausted leading to less productivity and more anxiety. I discovered that I’m less confident and optimistic when tired. I was eating more and moving less. I stop meditating and was descending into that cold grey winter Berlin depression. And nobody wants to be around an unproductive, stressed, and depressed Tony. I needed to stop this spiral.

    Today is December 1st. I went back to the co-working space to see if, like my wife, more people were working from home. I’m happy to report that I am now working from a safe and empty unheated co-working space.

    Today I’m laying out all the broken pieces of 2020 on the table to rebuild building 2021 and beyond. And there are a lot of pieces.

  • Forrest Bathing

    I feel great after spending time in nature. This needs to be on my automated habit reminder list just like meditation, exercise, and vitamins. There is no reason to not spend at least one day a month in nature.

    The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician.

    German-Swiss Paracelsus physician.

    The process of Nature therapy

    1. Stressed State: A person is in a state of physical or emotional stress.
    2. Restorative Effects of Nature: The person spends time in nature, resulting in improvements in physiological relaxation and the immune function recovery response.
    3. Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM): Nature directly increases the parasympathetic nervous system and heightens awareness, causing relaxation.

  • First Roaster Meeting

    I had a clear vision of what I wanted to create and started emailing coffee roasters. This was the first one that got back to me.

  • COVID-19 outbreak at daughter’s school.

    Last night we learned of case(s), but the school wants all students in class today. The emails said it’s safe because the floor with case(s) is quarantining.

    This is not my Daughter’s school.

    All parents picking up their kids must wear masks. It may make people feel safe, but if the parent has the Corona so does their kid. Kids don’t have to wear masks in class, but they do when they walk the halls.

    Communities handle the pandemic as they perceive the health threat and its impact on the economy. This is how one school in Berlin is handling it.

    Would you send your kid to school?

  • How to set up HubSpot Sales on Outlook in the Browser.

    This post I’m sending to my sales team. It’s a step-by-step how-to guide on setting up the HubSpot sales app on Outlook.com in the browser.

    The HubSpot App allows us to:

    1. Add New Contact from Email Address
    2. Insert Emails sent and received to that contact in HubSpot
    3. Track email opens and clicks.

    NOTE: If you’re not on my team, make sure your Microsoft admin has integrated HubSpot into your Microsoft 365 account.

    Step 1:

    After you create a new message click on the three vertical dots on the bottom.

    Step 2

    Click on the HubSpot Sales – Sales Tools

    Step 3

    Log in to your HubSpot account and pin the HubSpot app to your sidebar. Every time you create a new email you will see the app. 

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